Handy Nano Commands

nano-editoI use a Nano a lot when editing files on my Ubuntu web servers, so having a quick "cheatsheet" on some Nano commands is "handy" 🙂

As I use a Mac, the ^ symbol represents the CONTROL key, not sure what the equivalent Windows keystrokes would be.

^x - Close the current file buffer / Exit from nano
^o - Save
^r - Insert another file into this one
^w - Search for a string or regular expression
^w^v - Move to end of file
^_ - Goto line number
^\ - Replace a string or regular expression
^a - Move to beginning of current line-break
^e - Move to end of current line


How to clear your DNS on Windows and OSX

flush-dnsSometimes its is necessary to clear out the DNS settings on your development computer, so that you can see new changes.

I find the Google Chrome to be a very aggressive cacher of DNS settings and can results in some very frustrating encounters with clients when you see one things and they see another.

So how do you clear/flush your DNS settings: Continue reading

Get The First Image of a WordPress post

firstLately I've been doing a lot of WordPress plugin development and one of the plugins I am developing needed to display a list of posts with an image against each post.

Some of the posts had featured images and other had images inside the content.

To make sure that every item in the list had an image against it, I decided to go down the following route : Continue reading

Creating a simple WordPress plugin

pluginWordPress is a great website development tool and it makes it very easy for people with very little skill to create amazing looking websites, knowing very little about website design or coding.

The main appeal of WordPress (in my opinion) is that WordPress using plugins, that allows a standard WordPress installation to be transformed into a website that hardly resembles a standard WordPress site.

So how do we create a WordPress plugin? Continue reading

Using Vagrant to create a PostgreSQL DB server

Vagrant looking for workI started using Vagrant a few months ago, and its been a real pleasure to use and has made my web development work so much more easier.

If you don't know what Vagrant is , then check it out at https://www.vagrantup.com/.

Basically it allows you to create one or more virtual machines (VMs) on your own desktop or laptop.

Continue reading