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Handy Nano Commands

nano-editoI use a Nano a lot when editing files on my Ubuntu web servers, so having a quick "cheatsheet" on some Nano commands is "handy" 🙂

As I use a Mac, the ^ symbol represents the CONTROL key, not sure what the equivalent Windows keystrokes would be.

^x - Close the current file buffer / Exit from nano
^o - Save
^r - Insert another file into this one
^w - Search for a string or regular expression
^w^v - Move to end of file
^_ - Goto line number
^\ - Replace a string or regular expression
^a - Move to beginning of current line-break
^e - Move to end of current line


How to clear your DNS on Windows and OSX

flush-dnsSometimes its is necessary to clear out the DNS settings on your development computer, so that you can see new changes.

I find the Google Chrome to be a very aggressive cacher of DNS settings and can results in some very frustrating encounters with clients when you see one things and they see another.

So how do you clear/flush your DNS settings: Continue reading